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Weaver: The Kervanian Chronicles Book 1

About the Book

As a sorceress of Kervanian descent, Kate Merin's reality has always been a bit more than the average human's. But her life is turned upside down when she and her two brothers, Albert and Micheal, stumble across a portal in the woods which transports them back to 465 BH (Late Cretaceous era). There, they find the earth inhabited by their ancestors, the Kervanians, a race originally from the far-off moon of Kervanis.

The three siblings must now team up with their predecessors in their quest to return home. Along the way, they face magic they never knew existed, brave dangers they never imagined, and discover things about themselves and their family that they never could have guessed.

Kate soon learns, however, that there were far greater forces than an old, faulty Portal working to send them back to the Cretaceous period, and that she and her family have been chosen to play a great role in a vast plan orchestrated by an extremely powerful being. The only question is: Will Kate survive long enough to fulfill her destiny while caught in the middle of a war spanning countless millenia and several universes?

Discussion Guide

  1. When Kate and her brothers first arrived in the Cretaceous period, they all reacted differently to their situation, Micheal being thrilled with the turn of events, Kate being cautiously optimistic, and Albert being unhappy and anxious to return home. What do you think the appropriate reaction to such a situation would be? Why?
  2. The Merins accepted help from Morganna Le Faye, a complete stranger from a different culture and time, without a second thought. Keeping in mind the potential dangers posed by involving oneself with such a stranger, do you think it was the best decision they could have made? If not, what do you think they should have done instead?
  3. Morganna's dream of founding the Order of Nyar'Ilith began when she discovered it was her deceased father's greatest ambition. What is your opinion on her determination to carry out the wishes of a man she was barely old enough to remember at the time of his death?
  4. Despite the circumstances, Albert and Morganna fall in love with one another during their travels together. What do you think of Albert's later decision to remain in the Cretacious period with Morganna, rather than returning home with his family, knowing that he would probably never see them again?
  5. Mormuin Asalman cooperated with the Necromancers in their efforts to capture Kate, and the crystal given to her by Nerati Morbar. Do you think he should have made more of an effort to protect Kate and her family, even though his own family was being help hostage by the Necromancers at the time?
  6. The Weavers told Kate that while Destiny had been planning to open the Portal in order to save Kervanians and humans from their seemingly unavoidable destruction at the end of the universe, they made it clear that they had no idea why she would care in the first place. What do you think Destiny's reasons might be for wanting humans/Kervanians to continue on into another universe?
  7. Do you think it was necessary for Arianna Spiratsky to order the executions of the Weavers who invaded Jirounark Stronier? In your opinion, was there a better alternative?
  8. When Delana Le Faye and Mimien Varlera Akilanti decided to send Alaya to a school for Wizards on Myinir, Alaya decided they were simply trying to put her somewhere out of the way. Do you think this was their true motive? If not, what other reasons do you think they might have had?
  9. The Weavers and the Necromancers strongly disagree about Destiny's interference, the Weavers arguing that Destiny must have a good reason, and the Necromancers insisting that she should mind her own business and leave humans and Kervanians to mind theirs. Which side of the debate do you think you would be on?

About the Author

Katherine was born in Boston, MA in 1998. She moved several times during her childhood years, traversing all 48 landbound US states, and taking up residence in Agua Prieta, Mexico for a few years. She and her family finally settled in Memphis, Tennessee, where she began her writing career at the age of 13. Her first Novel, entitled "Weaver", is the first book in the "Kervanian Chronicles", a series of what is planned to be around 30 books. When she was fifteen, she co-authored "BMF Smuggler: The World is Ours, Craig Petties, Big Meech & Jefe de Jefes Arturo Beltran Leyva" with Tracy Lavell Matthews. With the support and guidance of her parents, Katherine finally realized her dream of becoming a published author in 2013, when she simultaneously released "BMF Smuggler" and "Weaver". Katherine currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her family, and is working on the next installation in the "Kervanian Chronicles", "Restoration".

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