Wait, that's all there is to tell??

Not by a long shot, but we'll get around to the rest later.

For now, let's learn more about Kate.

As was previously mentioned, Kate is thirteen years old. As might be expected, Kate is very enthusiastic about Sorcery. In the past year, she has grown, and changed a lot, so many of her old interests have been discarded, and replaced with magical projects. Since her Awakening, she supposes that she has undergone something of a metamorposis, transitioning from the child she was, into the woman she will one day become. Kate believes she is at the very beginning of this process, and still has a long way to go. It is due to this, as well as the fact that most of her free time is consumed with magical apprenticeship, that she has not had much of a chance to develop many new interests. That's fine with her, though. She knows that she is changing as a person, and though the idea is a bit intimidating, she can't wait to see who she turns out to be in a few years.

Despite losing many of her old interests and hobbies, however, she is still an avid soccer fan, but not many people know this. In addition to her mother, the only others who are aware of her love for the sport are her two brothers, and her best friend, with whom she parted only moments earlier on her walk home from school. Minutes later, she met up with her two brothers, and she is currently searching for them.