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Weaver: The Kervanian Chronicles Book 1

Saturday 21 December, 2013

Weaver: The Kervanian Chronicles Book 1

Weaving a spellbinding tale

Katherine Arandez has an imagination that extends beyond Kervanis (a moon in her fictional story, Weaver). The first book in The Kervanian Chronicles, Weaver is very strong, something that has drawn inspiration from several fantasy novels before it, yet manages to shine of its own strength.

It gets off to a faltering start, with some to-and-fro narratives that are slightly disorienting. But as the end approaches, the story is woven together beautifully to finish on a high. It follows the tales of two girls, one living on Earth, and the other on Kervanis, and how they must come together to create a Portal between Earth and Kervanis. With hundreds of side-characters and little twists off the main path, the story does tend to lose track at some points. However, it is a well-thought out fictional world, and my only request to the author is to include an appendix to the book to clarify some slightly vague people and places.

You can make out Arandez’s youth - some situations do seem a little underdeveloped. The bad guys are all monotonously evil, the switching between voices is a little clumsy, and the timeline is slightly messy. But hats off to her for having published not just one, but two books, at an age when most of us spend our time Instagramming. And I must appreciate that she has managed to write a book about teenage girls without including ONE romantic/sexually tense scene (apart from a slight “liking” between two characters), something that most adult authors fail to accomplish.

Thank you, katherinearandez . I really enjoyed reading, and am looking forward to reading more stuff from you soon. :) Good luck.

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