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Weaver: The Kervanian Chronicles Book 1

Wednesday 22 January, 2014

Weaver: The Kervanian Chronicles Book 1

Personal Rating: 3.25/5.00

Synopsis: After her brother runs through a portal, Kate is forced to follow him through, ending up not in a different location but a different time. Kate is faced with dinosaurs and the awakening of magic all around her as she and her brothers Albert and Micheal try to find a way home.

The Good:

* This book brings a completely new face to the fantasy/young adult fiction front. It is fresh, exciting and this series is brimming with so much potential!

* For such a young author to produce such a fantastic story

The Bad:

* The only "bad" aspect about this book was a number of editing errors/slip ups, however, these can obviously be amended.

The Inbetween:

* I didn’t enjoy this as much as I was anticipating that I would. It’s an amazing story, with rich, wonderful characters however I do believe I may just be a little too old to fall in love with the story. This felt like it was aimed at a 13-16 age group.

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