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Weaver: The Kervanian Chronicles Book 1

Friday 10 January, 2014

Weaver: The Kervanian Chronicles Book 1

3 of 5 stars

(Normally I do not write up reviews, so I apologize in advance if my wording is a bit odd)

I do not read much science fiction, but I was looking forward to reading this story, and over all I found the plot and story line very interesting, and was entertained throughout the entire thing. I found myself wanted to know more about the Orders, the Kervanians, their culture and, well, everything. Which at the end of the day if a story can do all of that for me I consider it a decent to good book.

But at the same time there were some things that did get to me personally.

I felt that there were too many characters to focus on throughout the book as a whole. And because of that I found myself forgetting who was who and getting people mixed up. They were just all hard to keep track of.

I found a lot of the names hard to pronounce, and that as a reading turned me off a bit from the story (though not enough for me to want to stop reading of course). If there was an index in the beginning or end with a guide to how to pronounce names and Orders it would have been very helpful. Also one to list what Order was what.

A bit more description explaining where characters were and possibly how they are feeling would be nice, both to give the reader a better idea of the setting and what was going on in said characters mind. (Sometimes it felt we were given only a surface view of what was going on instead of something deeper).

I also wished there was a bit more reference as to what happened in the beginning of the book. Since being transported back into prehistoric times is no big deal, and it only happened a year before the second part of the story I would have thought it was a bigger deal and thus would still be talked about a lot, or at least referenced to or played a bigger part or something. Since it wasn't it felt like it was more of a very long prologue that was just for world building and ending up with Kate getting the crystal in her hand.

As for the ending, I have mixed feelings about it. I felt like it could have offered a bit more closure since I felt some things were not totally ended. But at the same time, that is a good affect to leave the reader wondering and thinking. The ending also works if the author writes more.

All in all, like stated before, though there were some things that threw me off from the story, I did find it a fun and interesting read. It kept me entertained, which in the end, is what books are for. And I am most certainly interested to see where things will go from here.

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