Book Review

Weaver: The Kervanian Chronicles Book 1

Monday 09 December, 2013

Weaver: The Kervanian Chronicles Book 1

Fun, adventurous but complicated.
Rating: 3.5 stars

It was a pretty interesting story from a fifteen-year old girl. Very adventurous and promising techniques. I got hooked up with the three Merin siblings as the discovered that they were more than normal people.

Interesting specifics on magic—- orders, spells etc. I liked how vast the author expanded the world of magic.

Albert. This one thing left me hanging. Where is Albert? Or did I just miss it?

My only critic might be the overwhelming number of names that emerged around the story I didn’t know where to focus anymore. Too much complications on names of characters and their relation to each other.

Katherine showed that she’s in it to win it. More practice and more books to follow will definitely sharpen her skills. In summary, the book is recommended to younger ages interested in out- of- this world stuffs.

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